Cabinet Painting Services

The costs of painting cabinets is far more affordable than replacing. With new paint and updated hardware, homeowners can go from dated looking cabinets to a modern fresh looking kitchen. LuxCon Pros can do this with little downtime in your kitchen. Quite a difference if you decide to replace your cabinets. Replacing your cabinets can be very expensive and disturbing to a busy household. LuxCon Pros cabinet painting leaves you with a beautiful appearance, smooth surfaces, and easy to clean long lasting results. 

Client | Kitchen Cabinets Painted

Imagine spending 60% less then the cost of new cabinets to give your kitchen a face lift with paint and not have to buy new cabinets.  Luxcon Pros removed hardware, doors and wiped down cabinets with a product to remove sheen and adhere paint.  Then we primed and hand painted trim work and custom sprayed to give a custom finish to cabinets.

This too can be your kitchen… just call for a estimate.

Painting Cabinets Better than a Factory Finish

Painting your cabinets can give you a better protect cover than most factory finish cabinets. In addition to a fresh new look, painting cabinets means less disruption, cost savings, and a high-end result. 

You want a finish that will stay beautiful for years to come and easy to clean.  With painting your cabinets, you can choose the exact color and shade to match your existing countertop and decor.  Even if you just want white cabinets, the color white comes in many different hues. LuxCon Pros can help you decide which white is right for you.  We provide a sample of the color so there are no surprises. 

Our painted cabinets hold their look, don’t fade and are easy to wipe clean. If you need a touch-up, or add to your cabinets we can easily blend and match so that the cabinets look seamless.

You can choose from a matte finish to a high gloss sheen. You can mix the look of a stain and painted surfaces. You can add unique finishes such as glazing or accents. Painting your cabinets give you endless options. 

Better Than A Factory Finish – Exceptional Durability

The LuxCon Pros process for cabinet finishing provides superb durability. Many times, factory finishes tend to be brittle, become discolored, chip or flake at water contact areas around the sink or dishwasher.  LuxCon Pros advanced technology and protective clear coatings help prevent this from happening and are non-toxic, very low VOC that can be safely applied in an inhabited house. 

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