Fence and Concrete Wall Painting for HOA, Communities, and Developers

Since concrete is so popular for different types of construction in Florida, it’s important that it be done right for long lasting great results. If you are a developer working on a new community project, contact Luxcon Pros. We are leaders in painting concrete, especially walls, fencing and patios. We understand what type of primer and top coat that is needed for the type of concrete that is being used. We take into consideration the area and use. This increases the durability of the paint on your concrete wall, fence and paitio.

There are different ways of painting cement walls and concrete block walls. One is to paint the wall by using a roller for larger surfaces and the brush for all the edges. Spray painting is the most common because coverage is uniform and quicker. We can determine which method is best depending on the look you want. Many contractors are now looking for concrete walls with lots of texture and the use of multiple colors. Whatever look you want to achieve we can do!

Industrial Fence Painting

At LuxCon Pros, we provide industrial fence painting services for contractors on new and existing projects.  As fences weather, it’s extremely important to maintain and service the fence in order to guarantee the long-lasting functionality and beauty of the fence. LuxCon Pros are dedicated to the highest quality customer satisfaction and product selection, which is why we carry only the highest quality paints with the best fence painting systems available in the industry. This keeps industrial fences easy to maintain and clean.

Industrial Fencing types we paint:

  • Wooden or timber fencing
  • Wooden Hoarding
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Heras Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Metal Hoarding
  • Mesh Panel Fence
  • Palisade Fencing
  • High Security Fencing
  • Brick and mortar Fencing
  • Concrete Block Fencing

LuxCon Painting Sarasota Florida Fence painting