Quality New Construction Painting

LuxCon Painting Sarasota Florida festool with manLuxCon Pros are the leaders in quality new construction painting for the Sarasota, Florida area. Whether you’ve built your dream home in the Sarasota area or a new commercial building in the metro area, you’ve invested time, money, and energy into the construction. Now it’s time to finish with a perfect paint job. 

When you’ve gone the extra mile for the perfect look, you don’t want to skimp on the paint. Only an outstanding paint job will give you the look you want.  

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Let LuxCon Pros, quality new construction painting contractors in the Sarasota area work with your builder to take care of your exterior and interior painting. Our painters are highly experienced in correctly preparing and applying paint to new construction surfaces. We work closely with builders to ensure your painting is perfect.

Painting a new construction project, or a home undergoing remodeling requires two special considerations: high quality and a firm commitment to meeting deadlines. You can count on  Luxcon Pros to get it right every time.

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