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Epoxy paint is a specialty type of painting that uses a special process and materials that harden and hold a shine like nothing you have ever seen.  ​Epoxy paint is great for industrial properties, garages, warehouses, gym floors, restaurant floors and high traffic areas where you need a hard finish ​that can take a beating. You can even apply these coatings over concrete floors.

Our commercial painting services are designed to meet your specific needs and schedule, every time. Whether your project involves interior work completed with a rapid return to service over a weekend, or your facility is ready for an exterior update, we’re ready when you are.

Why LuxCon Pros?

  • Your work will be handled by our dedicated, career-oriented team
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • Safety is an integral part of our culture and training
  • We can work nights, weekends, and holidays to accommodate your operations and schedule
  • Whether you need a specialized, high-performance system or a decorative finish, we have the services and expertise you need

Epoxy Coating Benefits:

Seamless easy to clean surface

Durable hard wearing & chemical resistant

Environmentally safe

Cost efficient

LuxCon has become a specialist in Epoxy paint processes for flooring.  We even painted the water pipe houses for a Village we will highlight below. In addition to Epoxy painting we dry ice blasted the rust off pipes to prep the area given the need for a process that would not contaminate the area since we were dealing with the water supply to the entire village.

Featured Client | Epoxy Painting & Dry Ice Blasting

Village of Mundelein Water Distribution ​Facilities

PROJECT:  Dry ice blast, prime and epoxy paint pipes, walls and floors in four separate water filtration facilities with in 30days

RESULT: Exceeded expectations, completing 10 days ahead ​of schedule and on budget without a single change order

Epoxy Pipes/Floors/Walls

Beginning Prep

 ​Dry Ice Blasting